Senior Show is coming!

My senior show is fast approaching! It will be a group show comprised of 6 of us at Gallery 100 on campus at ASU. I’m very excited, but also nervous and sleep deprived. Right now I’m hurriedly preparing everything and still trying to finish up last minute projects. I plan on showcasing much of what is in my current portfolio as well as studies and maybe some new large drawings.

For the design of our print and promo material, we wanted to replicate the look of a vintage playbill poster. These kinds of old posters are very much text based, which was fine for us because choosing an image to represent all of us would have been difficult. The members in my group have varied styles and we all differ significantly. So I designed this poster in Illustrator:

It was quite fun and interesting to design a poster based around so many fonts. It was a real challenge, but I had a good time with it. It was also fun to use old advertising images. I love those things! For our postcard, I used the same image but cut out a few details- like the part about refreshments and mementos. This way the card wouldn’t have an overwhelming amount of textual information. The key here is to not get too cluttered. Our postcards came out fabulous. I ordered them from Gotprint because they offered thicker paper sizes. Despite having such low reviews on yelp, I was extremely satisfied with their service and the quality of the print. Here is our postcard:


Anyway, no rest for the weary…on to finishing up work for my show!