My Senior Show – Eventide

I’m a little late in typing this up, but I wanted to write about the results of my senior exhibition. Overall, it was a terrific success. All BFA students at ASU must put on a senior show, and because there are so many students then we display our art in group shows. So while it was not technically a solo show, much of the planning fell on me since I was one of the older and more experienced members, thus making it feel like I was planning my own show for the very first time. Plus let’s just say that I’m a very particular person when it comes to certain aspects of planning and how things should be displayed and presented. For me there wasn’t going to be any middle road decisions on the details, and that is mainly because I’m older and when I have an opportunity to show my work and abilities then I take it very seriously. If I were given the task to plan this show at 18 or even 21, I don’t think I would have cared much about presentation. I would have just slapped my art together and put it on the wall and be done with it. But I’m older now and more appreciative of the significance of opportunities such as this. At times this control I needed over the whole thing was rather stressful, but because the show was a success, I feel rather justified in my hard efforts.

I was extremely fortunate as to be placed in a wonderful group of five other fine art students (You can’t choose the people whom you show with unless you want to show early in the semester- and I opted to take my chances). I could not have asked for a better team. Everyone had their own unique style of art and they were very easy to get along with. One of the perks to having a group of people to show with is that you can split costs amongst each other. We were to show in Gallery 100, my favorite gallery on campus. We ended up using some pylons for where I would hang my pieces and painting them an accent color which really helped to set a mood for my paintings and drawings. We each had our own wall where our pieces were hung. The title of our group show- “Eventide” represented the closure of our time at ASU. As seniors, we were at the eventide of change- leaving behind the old and facing new challenges.

The opening night we had some of the best finger foods and while we weren’t expecting that many people, there ended up being a LOT. The best choices of food were quickly eaten and the gallery was so packed you could hardly move from one end to another. Unfortunately I was so busy restocking the snacks that I barely even got a chance to meet anyone looking at my work! I even forgot that I had parked my car in front of the gallery with the hazard lights on and the trunk wide open. I think finally an hour after the show started someone reminded me about it. Oops!

It was great seeing all of my friends and professors. I hardly had a chance to chat with them all and soon enough I began to lose my voice so I could barely speak anyway! While I do not have any pictures of the crowds and throngs of people, I do have some pictures of my work hung up. I decided to go with a theme of black and white. All of my best pieces are done in charcoal or oil grisaille (as of recently) and I figured they would go great together against the beautiful gray wall.

The biggest surprise of my night was when one of my friends brought a special guest to my show- the painter Daniel Keys! My friend had been taking a class with him up at the Scottsdale Artist School and invited him to come see the show. I wasn’t expecting that at all, but even more unexpected was when he bought one of my pieces! So I can proudly say that my first official significant sale was to a great artist. While none of my other pieces ended up selling that night, I did have a friend buy one later which was awesome. I suppose I was so excited just to display my work that evening that I never expected or thought about the moment when someone would actually want to buy one and what I would do then. But it all worked out wonderfully and I ended up hanging out with Daniel later and getting to know him better. He’s a truly wonderful person and very talented.

One thing I can say about shows is that as exhausting as they can be, they are kind of addictive. Once you have one then you just want to have more and more! So now I’m toying around with the idea of my next one, which will most likely be a group show as well. But of course you can’t have a show unless you have something to show, so I need to start planning my next body of work now!

So here are a bunch of pictures taken both the night before it opened and a few nights afterwards. No pictures of the crowds, though- we were much too busy.

Eventide - Our BFA exhibition

This was our glow sign that we used to advertise our show. It faced towards the street.

Our Vinyl Sign
Another view of the partitioned wall

I had a partitioned wall of my own that all of my pieces hung on.

I had a partitioned wall of my own that all of my pieces hung on.

I did a full length drawing in charcoal. To the right is one of my paintings.

Further views of the show

More views...
A back view

My Artist Statement

Here is my artist statement, profile pic and guestbook. I found those cute little easels to hold our business cards. So cute!

Artist Wall

Here are each of our artist statements along with a profile view of ourselves.

Paintings and a drawing

Four small oil studies of mine on the right and a charcoal drawing on the left.

Two pictures of mine

You can see both of these in my portfolio. the top one I sold to Daniel and the bottom I sold to a friend.